CSO at the Cinema


Saturday 7 August 2021, 7.30pm, Llewellyn Hall, ANU

Matthew Coorey Conductor
Kirsten Williams Violin

Selections from
Leah CURTIS To Rest in Peace
George GERSHWIN An American in Paris
Bernard HERRMANN Psycho
Ennio MORRICONE OMRI The Mission (Gabriel’s Oboe)
Howard SHORE OC The Lord of the Rings
Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH The Gadfly (Romance)
Nigel WESTLAKE Paper Planes
John WILLIAMS Schindler’s List, Star Wars

This year’s gala pays homage to great musical works for the silver screen, from poignant historical dramas to a galaxy far, far away.

Conductor Matthew Coorey takes the podium to present iconic orchestrations from The Lord of the Rings, Psycho, Star Wars and other cinematic classics.

Concertmaster Kirsten Williams is featured in the moving theme from Schindler’s List and the Romance from The Gadfly.

The program also includes a suite from To Rest in Peace by Australian composer Leah Curtis, specifically arranged for the CSO.

In To Rest in Peace, I saw a visually stunning film set in Kuwait during the tensions of the 1990 conflict, requiring a fitting score that would resonate with the humanity of the main character while situating us in a time of great conflict and danger.

I reached out to an American Kuwaiti music specialist who had also been a Fulbright Scholar, to gain

insight into elements of the music to respect a Kuwaiti audience. While I knew I would never be able to create an authentically Kuwaiti score, I wanted to know which elements would best support the story and what to avoid. I also wanted a Kuwaiti audience to be able to stay immersed in the story.

The result is a string orchestral score woven with moments of vocals, duduk, oud and percussion.

I have the most respect for creatives who uncover a sense of truth in their work. I connect most with those who have a deep level of self-awareness and the courage to try new approaches and build trust with collaborators. This is what I aspire to each time I take on a project.

Leah Curtis, composer

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