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Aspen Medical has been a CSO Gold Partner since early 2021, working closely with the orchestra to deliver COVID-safe concerts in a dynamic operating environment.

Robyn Hendry, General Manager of Aspen Medical’s Global Advisory Services, reflects on the growth of the Advisory Team and the company’s broader commitment to social purpose.

What drives Aspen Medical’s support for the CSO?

Aspen Medical is headquartered in Canberra and many of the leadership team live here; contributing to the communities in which we operate is very important to us. As a certified Benefit Corporation, or B Corp, investing in social purpose is second nature to us; the CSO provided a compelling partnership through which we could contribute to the quality of life, through music, in the Canberra region.

We are acutely aware of the struggles faced by the performing arts sector during COVID as we have been working closely with many event organisers across Australia. Offering health advice to the CSO, so that concerts can proceed safely, has been a pleasure for our team.

You spearheaded Aspen Medical’s Global Advisory Services division in early 2021. What was that like?

Many organisations realised they needed advice to be able to continue to operate, albeit by doing things differently. Our Advisory Team offers strategic insights into health management to inform decision making.

We’ve worked on some incredibly interesting projects, such as:

  • protecting the resource sector in Papua New Guinea so the country can maintain its economy
  • supporting Fiji to reopen its tourism market to international visitors
  • developing training for the Sydney Opera House to re-open and operate safely
  • supporting the cruise industry in the re-examination of its operating protocols
  • working with the Australian Open through different circumstances in 2021 and 2022.

In the process of undertaking this work we have become a globally recognised expert on COVID management and more broadly for developing rapid practical health solutions.

What organisational health considerations do you see as most important over the next 12 to 24 months?

The pandemic has given rise to many new challenges and highlighted existing public health issues. These will require ongoing attention even after the pandemic moves into its next phase.

Understanding the virus, its variants and how transmission occurs has informed our approach to managing health risks in organisations and the community. Many of our clients have sought our expertise in developing policy and procedures to assist in managing their obligations and outcomes; COVID-Safe Plans and risk management strategies have allowed organisations like the CSO to continue to operate while taking care of people.

As we move into the next phase we will be focusing on healthy buildings, occupational health, and wellness, including mental health support. Managing the hybrid workplace, improving indoor air quality, and improving the design for people movement during mass gatherings will continue to be focus areas. Our role will be to support optimum health outcomes in these developing considerations. 

What characterises the global Aspen Medical team?

Highly qualified and experienced professionals who are current practitioners, seeking to contribute through interesting work. Our solutions are derived through a co-design process with our clients and therefore the team of multidisciplined people we attract are necessarily authentic, curious, credible, and practical people. We are a ‘can do’ team: we always find a solution to a health problem, no matter where or what, and we get it done quickly.

Aspen Medical is a CSO Gold Partner

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