Hidden gems to discover on Ginninderry’s new walking track to Shepherds Lookout

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As an innovative, sustainable community of international significance, Ginninderry is inspiring a new way of living. How? By doing things a little differently. 

Ginninderry residents and the wider Canberra community are now able to immerse themselves in even more of their natural surroundings thanks to a new walking track.

The new track connects the urban area of Ginninderry to the popular Shepherds Lookout. Starting from The Link, the track weaves its way for 3.4 kilometres before connecting up with the existing ACT Government track network. From there it’s a further 800 metres along the existing pathway to Shepherds Lookout.

As well as giving the community a new go-to walking destination, the track also forms part of Ginninderry’s conservation efforts in the area. Local company Makin Trax spent three months building the track, using a light touch method that incorporated local materials, ensuring minimal impact on the natural environment.

While the track reflects some important history through the lookout of Gruner’s vista, the project team also worked with Indigenous groups to capture the stories and culture of first peoples of Australia, with that story authentically and respectfully told within the landscape. Three sculptures are also waiting to be found with interpretation signage set to be installed early next year to further enhance the experience.

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