rest #5

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A black and white image of Kirsten Williams tuning her violin. Kirsten has her back to the camera.
Kirsten Williams, CSO Concertmaster (Image: Martin Ollman)

When we launched rest in 2021, we set out to create a space where we could explore and celebrate the role music plays in our human experience. This quarterly magazine is a companion to CSO concerts, but we hope it finds its way onto kitchen tables, bookshelves and back verandahs.

If you’re on your coffee break or commute, I encourage you to explore the features section at the front of the magazine. This edition spotlights percussionist Veronica Bailey, Yuwaalaraay composer and author Nardi Simpson, and our Artist in Focus, flautist Emma Sholl.

We’ve also included a handy explainer on Wagner’s ‘Tristan chord’, the ground-breaking sound that changed music history and inspired the season ahead of us.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to shape the magazine. You can reach us directly at

rest #5
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