Ros Bandt wearing a high vis safety vest and standing in front of a large, red, metal structure. There is a door visible with a sign that reads: "Grant Street, Danger, Keep Out, Authorised Personnel Only, Security Notice"
Australian composer Ros Bandt at the industrial smoke stack cylinder where she created her electroacoustic symphony, Red.
Dr Ros Bandt SoundingSpaces is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, performer and scholar.

She is a pioneering designer of new forms of musical art, sound sculptures, interactive music, sound installations and spatial electroacoustic symphonies.

Ros’ aeolian harps sing country in her acoustic sanctuary in the Victorian Goldfields. She has
‘sounded’ many sacred and world heritage sites, from Lake Mungo to Parnassus, Delphi, and the subterranean Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Saray) in Istanbul. Her first vinyl, recorded in a concrete water tank, is listed in the register of Australian significant sound.

Ros is an expert historical wind player and pioneer of the Tarhu, Australia’s bowed spiked fiddle. She is a founding member of early music and contemporary ensembles including La Romanesca, Trio Avium and Back to Back Zithers. She is published by Wergo, New Albion, EMI, Neuma Records USA, Move Records and vinyl re-releases by Efficient Space, and Daisart. Her commissions include the Paris Autumn Festival, the Greek Animart Festival, Studio of Akoustiche Kunst, WDR, Koln, Radio ORF Wein, ABC acoustic art residency, and the Melbourne Recital Centre’s 10th birthday Commissions. 

Ros was the first woman to win the Don Banks Composers Fellowship, the inaugural Benjamin Cohen Peace Prize (USA), the National Film and Sound Archive Sound Heritage Award, and, in 2020, the prestigious Richard Gill Award for distinguished services to Australian music.

ROS BANDT (B. 1951)

Ros Bandt’s Red (2000/2023) is the first movement from the electroacoustic symphony
Stack, commissioned as a radiophonic work by the Australian Broadcasting Commission
(ABC). It is a sonic poesis of the controversial, industrial 55-metre chimney stack designed to extract fumes from the CityLink tunnel, Victoria’s first tolled road.

Invited by the design engineer to sound its acoustic identity, Ros, with the support of the ABC, probed the entire structure inside and out, above and below ground, recording, performing, installing it as a huge, sounding sculpture.

Red focuses on the construction of the red tubular steel exoskeleton on site and in the ABC studios, taking back offcuts to further electrify, morph and mix along with Ros’ red Indonesian brass mallet instrument, the Gender – a range of wooden sticks and metal percussion – and her original, tubular steel sculptures. Elaborate sub-mixes were combined symphonically in the computer in Sonic Solutions to form this large sonata allegro.

Tonight, the Atrium will further shape the spatialisation of the original stereo into surround sound with the help of Jim Atkin’s inventive speaker array.

© Ros Bandt, 2023

Access a site video and Ros’ unique score designs

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