CSO 2021 Digital Series

Conceived in the ACT’s nine-week lockdown, the CSO 2021 Digital Series is a hyperlocal celebration of springtime in the nation’s capital, showcasing musicians from the orchestra and local composers.

Curated by Jessica Cottis, Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, the series includes two chamber performances, two mixtapes curated by CSO musicians and an innovative take on the ‘virtual orchestra’ concept popularised throughout the pandemic.

The Digital Series features two world premieres of new CSO commissions: a chamber work for double bass quartet by Sally Greenaway, and a virtual orchestra concept created by Dante Clavijo and Frank Millward.

Content will be gradually released in late November and early December as the CSO joins Canberrans in celebrating the end of lockdown and the return to live performance and community engagement.

CHAMBER O1: Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovich
Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano
(arr. Levon Atovmyan)
IV. Waltz
V. Polka

CSO Chamber Ensemble
Lucy Macourt Violin
Tim Wickham Violin
Rowan Phemister Harp

Recorded in the CSO offices, 1 Farrell Place
Produced by Matt Barnes and Harry Chalker

Program note:

“If you’re familiar with the searing intensity and raw bombast of Dmitri Shostakovich’s symphonies, his Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano (performed in this concert with harp) might come as a surprise. Here we get the composer at his most light-hearted – you can almost hear in these dances a young Shostakovich playing the piano to accompany silent films…”

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Curated by Madeleine Retter, CSO Violin

Headshot of Madeleine Retter playing the violin

This is my eclectic assortment of ‘less is more’ – there are some big names, but you won’t find any big symphonies or concerti. I have always been drawn to the intimate and vulnerable nature of chamber works, so this collection is an ode to the introverts out there.

These smaller-scale works and soaring lines offer glimpses into sound capsules of different worlds – I hope you’ll find moments of incredibly moving depth and stillness.

Madeleine Retter, CSO Violin

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Curated by Liam Meany, CSO Cello

Headshot of Liam Meany

Hello Reader, thank you for taking the time out of your day to peruse this Spotify mixtape!

When I was first approached to curate this selection, I found it difficult to find a cohesive theme for my picks. That was until I thought, rather than picking works that really impact me when I listen to them, how about I choose works that I’ve performed during my career so far, that have left a lasting impression? And so, this list took shape. Hope you enjoy this eclectic collection!

Liam Meany, CSO Cello

Browse Liam’s listening notes

CHAMBER O2 Greenaway
Coming soon

VIRTUAL ORCHESTRA 2.0 Clavijo & Millward
Coming soon

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